ZSTa : Breakthrough Awards

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Changing lives forever

ZST architects are proud to support the University of Brightons Architecture BA (Hons) Breakthrough Awards. The awards are a new student prize scheme designed to support and encourage second year undergraduate students through what can be the most challenging phase of their studies. the awards will reward the efforts of individual students across the university and hopefully will also motivate their class mates to give their very best.


Winning one of these awards could be a pivotal moment that changes a students life forever. Today graduates face an increasingly competitive world. Not only will an award underpin their confidence, it will also give the students something to really shout about when they enter their work place. 


The ZSTa Architecture BA (Hons) Breakthrough Award 2015/2016 Winner

Dear ZST architects

I feel greatly honoured to have been chosen for this award and would like to thank you for your contribution. I am a focused and hard working student and particularly enjoy designing through intricate large scale models. Although they taje alot of time and monye to build, i believe they are a sucessful and impressive communication tool. I would like to assure you that i shall put your award money to good use - probably for building even more great models!
Once again, great thanks,
Your sincerely
Eugene Kandinsky
— Winner of Breakthrough Award 2015/2016 in Architecture BA (Hons)