Moulsecoomb Forest Garden and Wildlife Project trip

About the Project and ZSTa involvement

On a secret hidden plot behind Moulsecoomb railway station sits a community who for 22 years have been building on their charity work that started as a simple provision for locals to garden. Now they sit on nine plots growing organic food and as a registered open college they support over 50 pupils a week from a variety of local schools.

We at ZSTa were fortunate to be part of this project after hearing that they required retrospective architectural plans for a new community building. We instantly offered our services at no charge for this worthwhile charity.

This is an ongoing project and the plans are currently with the council being decided on. We should hear back soon if approved.

Today the ZSTa team all went down to the open day, had a garden tour, saw the honey bees, made Pizzas and cycled for our smoothies. This is an annual open day and is running till 7pm tonight so if your passing its worth a visit!

You can read more about the project here