Nicola Thomas's trip to Crossrail Project, London

"I was so lucky to be chosen to be one of fourteen of the Constructing Excellence Sussex Club to go on a thrilling trip to Crossrail on 4th April 2017. We were made very welcome by the people at Crossrail. Firstly we were given a presentation on the project along with some fascinating facts including how deep some of the tunnels are (40m) and how many archaeological items have been found (more than 10,000, including a mammoth bone).

We then got togged up in PPE gear supplied by Crossrail and walked across Canary Wharf to the site of a new station building which extends 5 floors under ground level. The scale of the operation and the extent of the engineering challenge that they had overcome was breathtaking. We got chance to view the tunnel as well as the station building which was the highlight of the trip for me.

Thank you to Rafia, Patrick at Southdowns Environmental and the Constructing Excellence team who organised this trip for us and obviously, thank you to Crossrail for their hospitality.


To read more about the Crossrail project click here

Nicola Thomas Architect
I am really looking forward to travelling on the whole route when it opens in December 2018
— Nicola Thomas Partner:Architect
Nicola thomas architect Crossrail