Slicing of the Wedding Cake

Situated opposite the Old Amex House on Edward Street, we at ZST architects have seen the daily progress of the demolition of this iconic building. It has been a sad and dusty experience and we are now left with a tiny slither of cake and a nearly uninterrupted view of the new 1 John Street American Express Brighton Headquarters.

Our Senior Architect Mohna Jolly, has been sketching the demolition and capturing it from a different perspective, something architects are famous for. Along with the sketches we have images taken from our front door to document the impressive work of Syd Bishop & Sons demolition on this challenging site.

The iconic nine-storey building was commissioned by American Express is 1977 and soon became known as the wedding cake. The demolition has sparked anger amongst conservation groups due to a waste of resources. Members of The Regency Society have said that it was Brighton’s best post-war building, and that it offered “a splash of style in Edward Street’s Jumble of mediocrity.”

So, what is next? With demolition, due to be completed very soon we are still none the wiser as to exactly what will be replacing it. The Edward Street Quarter Planning Brief Sept 2013 had the vision “to create a dynamic first-class business and residential district with a strong sense of place, distinguished by a high-quality townscape, architecture and public realm.” This vision includes the new American Express John Street building, Carlton hill and the former Amex Building, referring to them all together as the Edward Street Quarter. We hope more news on the plans for this site are released soon.