Developers Forum: The Importance of a Design Narrative

The Developers forum was held on Thursday 1st Feb 2018 and is a collaborative event between Stickland Wright architects and interiors and Healys LLP. We wanted to create an informative forum for developers and construction professionals that focused on how design adds value to developments. This also acted as a platform for us (ZSTa) to announce the new brand ‘Stickland Wright architects and interiors’ to our connections and stakeholders

The inaugural event kicked off with a Prosecco reception and networking, followed by an introduction into the evening by Stickland Wright Director, Nick Stickland. Nick shared his experiences on how developers can add value to their on-going and future projects through a strong, well-communicated, design process. Nick shared case studies where that design thread was established at the beginning and retained through the life of the project, adding value through effective communication.

Healys LLP, John Healy and Martin John then came to the front to talk about how professionals can manage the legal pitfalls of developments and construction projects. We then introduced our guest speaker, Richard Wolfstrome, an award-winning place maker designer. Richard showed us the importance of inspiring a greater sense of community in the projects and how that will then inspire the end user.

After the speakers we enjoyed an evening of networking and canopies, sharing experiences with like-minded individuals and businesses. The feedback has been very positive and we can see Brighton really has an appetite for a networking event that helps mid to higher level developers and construction professionals in the city, and beyond.

Stickland Wright and Healy's will continue to work together to develop this forum into a tri-annual event. Each event will have its own topic to offer support to the attendees and stimulate some interesting discussions. We will be offering sponsorship in return for a slot to talk about your experiences and services, alongside the legal and architectural topics.

Please contact if you are interested in sponsoring this event.