Brighton Dome Ticket Office

Brighton Dome Ticket Office 

In 2016 ZST architects and Square One Workshop were privileged to have been awarded the tender for the collaborative refurbishment of the Grade 1 Listed Brighton Dome Ticket Office. 

The existing room proposed for the new ticket office was a blank canvas possessing only a few remnants of architectural character which comprise the heritage of this Grade 1 Listed building.

The Dome is a prime example of exoticism that was an alternative to the more classicising mainstream taste of the Regency style. The Indo-Islamic revival exterior leads into interiors evolved through the Moorish designs of Philip Lockwood to 1930’s Art Deco and the feature ‘Jackfield’ tiling from Craven Dunnil. The influence of exoticism is very current today albeit in a more measured, paired back, form. In particular, the attention to quality materials, careful detailing and craftsmanship are being rediscovered.

Our concept was to create a timeless installation of enduring quality which bridged, harmoniously, the style of the past and contemporary needs and tastes.

On entering the ticket office, the installation co-designed by Square One Workshop and ZSTa, comprises of two compositional elements. A refined monolithic block with framed screen back drop. To the side sits a shadow wall with a clearly defined aperture. Conceptually the shadow wall, cut with motifs borrowed from existing ornamentation in the rest of the Dome’s interior, creates a sub space within the room. Practically the wall screens the telephone areas, balances the main desk at the new symmetrical centre and also help balance the light and acoustics of the space.