ZSTa : GVI Volunteering in Nepal

During February ZSTa Partner Nicola Thomas traveled to Nepal with the charity GVI to Contribute to invaluable women’s empowerment initiatives in Nepal and help give women and young girls the tools necessary to fight poverty, stay in school and close the unemployment gap between boys and girls in developing countries.

Supporting women in Nepal is vital in helping the communities overcome critical global social issues, such as countless young girls still not receiving an education.

By supporting women in society and giving them access to equal opportunities such as an education, jobs and health care, everyone benefits. Infant mortality rates go down, more children stay in school, incomes increase and the cycle of poverty can be broken. By volunteering on this programme with GVI, you will join a dedicated team of international volunteers assisting on sustainable and invaluable women’s empowerment initiatives.

In Nepal, women are born into a society where their rights are subordinate to those of men. Girls are often married off at an early age with little or no education, no land rights or no independent income options available to them. Our initiatives in Nepal, hope to turn the tide against gender discrimination by empowering local girls and women. Through gender equality and alternative income workshops, educating them on a variety of health topics and providing educational centres where they have the chance to further their education by becoming literate or providing additional educational support for young girls currently enrolled in local schools.