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ZSTa Core Value: Development

We will nurture a culture of research and development of our working practices and relationships. Collaboration with external sources will be key to this enterprise.

ZST architects on Research & Development

ZSTa recognise that people are key to the success of every project. Fundamentally every project has its own characteristics and as a result cannot be made to fit a standard template, so we will not offer a formula response. Instead we seek to collaborate with our clients, to tease out the character distinctions and embrace these within the process. This may require us to adjust our ideas or to reinforce our knowledge base, which is simply part of our process and the service we offer. We know that this kind of engagement only improves our intelligence and technical proficiency.


Research Task Groups

Our innovative research ‘divisions’ help to keep us in touch with current thinking and to constantly review and improve the quality of the advice we offer. Our research teams operate, to a large extent, within their own bubble - free to engage in their own networks and campaigns. We have two specialist areas or research:

Interior & Design Trends

We actively monitor design trends in all areas from graphics, branding, lighting and surface finishes to mention but a few. We cast our net fairly broadly to gain an overview of the ambitions and desires of the market.

Our research enables our clients to take advantage of new product availability and suppliers who are sometimes off the beaten track. It also reinforces the interior design side of the practice which is often required to be more responsive to the whims of fashion. Indeed we believe that tracking patterns in behaviour even allows us to become, dare we say it, taste setters!

Low Energy Design

The task group mission is to encourage the practice to adopt further healthy, sustainable and ecological design principles as part of the usual work flow AND to add value for clients through responsible design.

In practice the task group audits all of our projects at key stages to see where improvements can be suggested which could have a positive impact on the long term sustainability of a project. This service is offered as an added value to ALL of our clients. Of course, should clients be willing to adopt any of this advice then we have the capacity to nurture projects right up to the esteemed Passivhaus standard.

We also work with our ‘supply chain’ of contracting organisations to build awareness of viable substitute specifications and new (sometimes old!) building techniques.


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